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Dove Holes CofE Primary School

Every Person Matters, Every Moment Counts



We asked our school community what makes Dove Holes CE Primary School special.


'Everything! The hard work the teachers and other staff put in to make the children feel so loved and want to make them



'It is supportive to children, instils good behaviour and confidence in children depending on their individual ability'.


'How all the children interact with each other no matter what age'.


'Each teacher identifies the strengths and weaknesses of each pupil and aims them to succeed by focusing on these skills'.


'The community feel'.


'The acceptance and tolerance all pupils and staff have towards each other'.


'Lovely friendly staff, you talk to people as people and you help work with parents, listen and offer support where and

when needed'.


'Close community'. 


'It's a lovely, friendly school which provides a loving environment for my child. I feel he is well supported both

educationally and emotionally'.


'In my opinion what makes it the most special is that it’s small and therefore children from reception and year one

get to spend time and play with older children. In big schools, these sorts of friendships wouldn’t exist.
Also, being situated next to the church gives extra value and put more print on children’s spiritual education regardless

of their faith'.


'The friendship groups that the children form and the community feel'.  


'Inclusive and Personal'.


'When you have issues where that been the child or the parent the school are there for both not just the child, 

they make you feel confident when you want to talk about your child if any problems. They always keep you update of

everything and have a great app that you can also keep them updated on what you do at home vice versa.

its a very friendly and I highly recommend this school x'. 


'Everything, I love the school and the staff, and how well my child has settled in and is coming on with her education'.


'All the teachers and staff are very friendly and helpful. Also the PTA make it possible for the children to have trips,

DVD nights etc'.


'I feel that our school promotes good Christian values, is very inclusive and is nurturing to every individual child.

The school has good links with the Church and the community'.


'School is special to me because it is like one big family everyone cares and looks after each other, the children’s

interest always come first any problems you no if you talk to any member of staff it will always be sorted'.


'We like that it is a small school and that teachers know the pupils and each other well'. 



'The family like feel with the staff, pupils and parents/carers'.


'Everyone is treated fairly and welcomed'. 


'The closeness if all the pupils, regardless of their age or year group. Friendly, approachable staff'. 


'The school atmosphere feels positive. Also if there’s any problems I feel like I can share my issues with the teachers

and they listen and act on them'. 


'It’s small and gives a lovely community feel'.


'We like that it is a small school and that teachers know the pupils and each other well'.