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In a Voluntary Controlled School like Dove Holes Primary it is Derbyshire County Council that decides the rules for getting places. Under the 1996 Education Act, you have a legal right to express a preference for which school you wish your child to attend. The County Council and school Governors have a general duty to meet this preference – as long as it does not “prejudice the provision of efficient education or efficient use of resources” or the council or governors are required to take extra measures under the Key Stage 1 class size legislation.



How to Apply

If you are a parent seeking a place for your child at a Derbyshire School we will offer you one place at the highest priority school possible. Where we cannot offer a Derbyshire child a place at any of the chosen schools, he or she will be allocated a place at the normal area school – if places are still available – or the next nearest school with places available.


School admissions are considered on an annual basis – so it is not possible to confirm that a place is available at a school any earlier than during the year before your child will join. The Governors must comply with the legal requirement that no infant classes may exceed 30 pupils.

Click here to view the Admissions Policy 

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