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Educational Visits

All of our pupils are able to take part in a number of educational visits each year. In the past, we have visited the Yorkshire Wildlife Park, Buxton Theatre, The Taddington Science Exhibition and the Derby Faith Center amongst many others.  Aside from being amazing experiences, educational visits that are linked to our curriculum offer help our pupils gain real-world experience that cannot be taught in a classroom and strengthen their knowledge of the world around them. 

We see many benefits as a result of our educational visits:

Bring subjects to life

At our school, we feel curriculum subjects can be enhanced by experiencing them in real life. Visits can give children an entirely new appreciation of the topic when they return to school, and inform their classroom learning. For example, our junior trip to Crich Living War museum helps students appreciate historical events from new perspectives and bring the topic to life. 

Boost self-confidence and motivation

Taking children out of school is a great way to develop interpersonal skills and self-confidence. Pupils can really come out of their shell on school trips and take this newfound confidence with them back to the classroom. We know that school trips can lead to higher achievement and increased motivation in class.

Communication skills and relationships

On educational visits, classes experience learning outside the classroom environment, going through experiences together and building relationships. Children are able to develop mutual interests and shared memories and experiences. 


Broaden their horizons

Our school trips allow our pupils to enjoy activities and places that they may not otherwise have the opportunity to experience. This can help our children to develop personal interests and, in some cases, discover interests they didn’t know they had.

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