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Emotional Health and Wellbeing

It is really important to us that our children are happy, safe and ready to thrive.  At our school the health and wellbeing of all our children is an important  priority.

We are working to become a Trauma Informed School.  This means that staff are soon to be trained to help and support pupils’ mental health and adopt a trauma sensitive approach to our school curriculum.

What do we do for all children?

You can find out more about our general approach to teaching in our Curriculum section.  This includes more about what we teach in Personal, Social and Health Education.

We also use ‘Zones of Regulation’ in class to help pupils develop awareness of feelings, energy and alertness levels while exploring a variety of tools and strategies for regulation, self-care, and overall wellness. This approach helps children to understand how they can control their emotions and develop their ability to problem solve conflicts.

How can we help children with more specific needs?

We are proud to offer a number of extra services that may help your child if they are experiencing any mental health issues.  Whether you think these are big or small problems, please do look at the information below.  You can talk more to use about these types of help by contacting us at school or emailing our SENDco at

Healthy Minds

Healthy Minds is a school-based project which aims to support the emotional health and wellbeing of children and young people. It puts emotional resilience at the heart of children’s health and wellbeing and recognises its impact on their learning, attainment, behaviour and future employability.  Our Pupil Ambassadors have recently received training from

Health Championships in preparation for children's mental health week. We looked at the 5 ways to well-being which are CONNECT, BE ACTIVE,  TAKE NOTICE, GIVE and KEEP LEARNING. 


They took part in a range of activities such as a yoga session, discussion with a sleep expert and meeting the I-vengers team who focus on internet safety. 


During mental health week, our Ambassadors took a leading role in organising a whole school assembly and a 'Five ways to well-being workshop.'

Nurture Group

We also offer other shorter term support programmes.  Children and families are invited to join an after-school nurture group. Our teachers talk directly to parents of children who we feel will benefit. If you would like to find out more, please email our SENDco at

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